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Eccretive was founded on the principle of creating innovative solutions to problems.  Founded in 2009, Eccretive’s mission to Educate, Empower and Enrich its clients has resulted in a fuller and richer experience for its clients.

Eccretive has a team that spans Arizona, nationally, and internationally.

Eccretive provides Business Strategy and Online Marketing services that help clients align their online marketing efforts to their business goals.

Eccretive is a business development and empowerment company whose Founder is Ketan C. Patel. Ketan is the primary creative driving force within the company, and he collaborates with a team that assists in the implementation of his ideas and strategies.

Here’s a note from Ketan and his thoughts about Eccretive:

Since 2004 I have been busy founding and growing companies from concept to profitability. During this journey, I have learned first hand about the trials and tribulations of internet enabled businesses. Looking back there were lots of interesting lessons, but none more important then finding a sustainable business model.

In investment circles a deal is accretive if the value of the deal is greater than the sum of the parts. I coined the phrase eccretive to describe value creation that results from the Internet.

While this is a fairly broad definition, in my case I am most interested in two specific areas: Companies that are successful outside of the online space but have found monetization via the internet a challenge. Companies creating consumer facing websites who are struggling to achieve profitability using the traditional advertising, subscription, or commission revenue models.

I knew many traditional businesses would benefit from an effective online business strategy–one driven by revenue fundamentals, so I figured I would formalize the process to achieve profitability and apply this model to other opportunities and generate similar results. This site is where I share and track the results of my experimentation and success.


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