Penguin 2.1, Now Live, Rewards High Quality Sites!

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Penguin Penguin, an integral part of Google’s overall search algorithm, looks for websites that are considered spam, but still manage to rank well in search results. It also focuses on sites that have purchased paid links. If your site has been deemed spam by Penguin you will not be able to recover until you have removed the elements that Penguin doesn’t like.  The new Penguin updates will be a part of Hummingbird; Google’s ranking engine.

For more information on Penguin 2.1, or too see how this may affect you, click here.

10 Tips for Using SlideShare as a Lead Generation Tool

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SlideShare can add a dynamic visual element to your marketing campaign and help you generate more leads! Marketo has put together a great ebook to help you use SlideShare to your advantage. Here is a quick overview of the top ten tips:

  1. Base your topic on a subject you are an expert in. – Make the content relevant to your audience, but always push the boundaries.
  2. Make your title slide your headline. – Make it easy to read and attention grabbing!
  3. Optimize each presentation for SEO. – Presentation’s can be easier to rank than blogs!

Google May Reform Queries

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In order to give searchers more accurate results Google may reform queries based on co-occurrence in search sessions. By using co-occurring searches performed by other users Google may create a seemingly more intuitive environment that can yield better quality results for you!

Let’s say you are looking for a recipe, so you type in the keywords “worlds best pizza”; your search is going to  result in restaurant reviews and local ads. But, with the new reforms if searchers often go back and search for “best pizza recipe”, that co-occurrence will effect your results as well. This could be a great tool for allowing users to narrow general search topics to more quickly find what they are looking for!

The Impact of Mobile and Tablet Users on Web Design

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A side effect of the mobile revolution, responsive web design has been on the rise since 2010. And as the use of tablets and smart phones continues to climb (an estimated 2 billion mobile devices will be in use globally by 2014) so will the demand for mobile- friendly websites. Businesses that choose to ignore mobile users run the risk of losing traffic and sales.

Mobile optimization tools like; apps and dedicated mobile sites, while they do have some great features, are proving to be less necessary than originally projected for many businesses. More and more websites and designers are turning to responsive and adaptive web design to create sites that can be viewed on any size screen.

Searcher Personas and Advanced Landing Page Techniques

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A landing page should be based on the wants and needs of your customers. Using searcher personas can aid in developing effective ads and landing pages.

Demographics give you valuable information regarding the ages and income brackets of your target audience and this information can be useful for your campaign. Searcher personas however, are different; personas are based on what drives your customer to make decisions or what may drive them away. These motivators can affect people of any age, income, or ethnicity.


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