Great SEO Tips for 2014!

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imagesI came across a very interesting article written by James A. Martin for filled with helpful tips, predictions, and trends for SEO in 2014.  SEO is changing  for the better and those who incorporate responsive websites,  engage in social marketing, and use keywords correctly will reap the benefits in the new year.

Here is a quick run-down of the tips provided by Martin. If you are feeling timid or have questions about SEO, you WANT read the full article here!

20 Tips for Better SEO in 2014:

1. SEO will always be with us.

2. SEO has always been about content marketing.

3. SEO and content marketing are becoming synonymous.

4. SEO basics will never go away.

5. Search engines will get smarter.

6. Social presence will be more important than search.

7. Determining what ranks, and why, will be more complicated.

8. In 2014, SEO will be all about mobile.

9. Local will continue to be big.

10. Natural language queries will be more important.

11. The role of SEO Experts will evolve.

12. Identify your customers’ biggest pain points.

13. Stay honest.

14. Be an authority.

15. Earn attention and develop your network.

16. Consider link building.

17. Focus on quality in all its forms.

18. Build a single site for mobile and desktop users.

19. Look for the best long-tail keywords.

20. Schema markup will grow in importance.




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