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Previous real estate client had an interactive website, but it was not responsive. The agency also changed their relationship with a previous partner and wanted to be able to showcase their properties with an easier system that directly accessed the MLS and then had them remain static once the property was sold (which MLS doesn’t do). They were also now no longer working with short sales as a main offering.


  1. Website was rebuilt on a responsive and adaptive template to allow for mobile viewing.
  2. A custom api (interface) was built to be able to load in specific properties from that agency in the MLS format.
  3. Custom formatting of the template was done to allow for a condensed version of the listing to remain static on the site once the property was sold.
  4. The aesthetic and pictures were also updated to reflect the current agency.
  5. Community highlight areas were added where the agency has a particular presence.


The website is now viewable from ipads and smartphones so clients can more easily access the information while they are out looking at homes.
The back-end administration of the site has become smoother and they can pull their information directly from their MLS listing. They also have the ability to now showcase previous homes they have sold to anchor the niche they are (and are not) in.


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