Ketan Patel is one of the best I’ve talked to at SEO, online marketing, and understanding my business and how to attract clients. Because of his advice over the last couple of years, I have increased my website traffic by 33%.

Vickie Champion

Ketan is absolutely BRILLIANT at helping businesses increase their revenues and internet presence. He can look at a website, determine its best customer types and make recommendations to substantially increase the number of visits and conversions on the site. He uses marketing and its truest sense, which begins by understanding what clients are the best fit for a business, helping to capture their attention, and convert that attention to sales. His analysis procedure, followed by feedback loops provide enormous increases in traffic, and he does it all within a very positive and helpful manner.

I was so impressed, I joined his team. If you want to raise the bar, Ketan can help you do it! March 22, 2010

Jody Owen
The Space You’re In

Ketan was a true visionary and inspirational force for exploring new avenues of value creation for our clients and business partners. A high-energy individual with an impeccable system of values. November 14, 2008

Eliot Madow
VP Professional Services, Tilion, Inc.

Ketan is a great example of professionalism. He holds an upbeat attitude and displays a great amount of dedication to his team, the clients, his projects and the organization. Ketan`s eagerness and openness shows he has the drive to exceed in goals and expectations. October 1, 2008

Joe Lanno
VP Sales, InsuranceDesk.com
( Online Insurance Lead Service )

Ketan is an enthusiastic technology evangelist and marketer who has the ability to speak with business and technical people alike. His ability recognize and adapt marketing communications and strategy to the specific needs of the european market was critical to the international roll-out of our Enterprise reporting software. Our UK based sales force considered him an invaluable asset who helped close more deals in shorter time-frames with our prospects and clients. September 21, 2008

Calvin Mackay
Independent Professional, calmac


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