shutterstock_26738704medEccretive is now offering interactive live and on-line classes!  Here are a few of the offerings:

How to Make the Most of Your Website

We understand that entrepreneurs and small business owners wear many different hats–including Technology Director!  Now, how would you like to learn the insider secrets to maximizing the effectiveness of your website with just a few hours of work?!

In this class you will learn:

  • What type of content goes on what pages
  • How to determine the personality types that are buying your products and services, and how to speak to them
  • Building a website that attracts more traffic
  • Steps to create higher conversions
  • How to talk with your website developer (if you aren’t the creator)

Websites are a must for every business, whether you actually sell products from them, or just inform your clients of what you do.  The right copy and website structure increase the time a potential customer stays on your site, and then increases your sales by having more people move from “just interested”, to buying!

Many times small business miss out because they don’t know how important this is!

This series of 6 monthly classes will teach you what you need to know, and give you the confidence to make the changes necessary to get more clients!

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Business Model Canvas

Whether you are a new or established business, you may be missing key opportunities for revenue!

Come and learn how to (re)structure your business a away to take advantage of new income streams, gain clarity on what you offer, and how to best deliver your offer to your clients.

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Website Development

If you have ever thought about making websites and having it develop into something more than just a hobby, this class is for you! In it you will learn:

  • What website platforms are the best to use for what clients and under what circumstances
  • What determines a website’s success and the critical pieces that need to be incorporated
  • How to talk to your clients about their business and website to assure maximum client satisfaction
  • The process of development, and how it changes over the course of building a website
  • How to market yourself above the crowd as a website developer

Website development is an industry that is continuing to expand. Only the people who are full-sighted in their skills and who can create a great client experience will succeed.

This class provides much more than just an online session. You will also have live-experience homework and possibly work on real client projects!

Classes are held twice a month for six months. At the end of this course, you will have the opportunity to interview for immediate projects making $40/hour.

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